Lecture on Vrbjanska Chuka in the municipality of Krivogashtani

16th of February 2017

Municipality of Krivogashtani

On 16th of February 2017, a lecture regarding the research of the site of Vrbjanska Chuka last year was held, which CPR has realized with the Museum and the Institute for cultural heritage protection from Prilep, the University of Southern Bohemia and the Institute for ancient Slavic culture. During the lecture entitled ‘Vrbjanska Chuka, a Neolithic settlement near Slavej’ the latest results of the research of this extremely interesting prehistoric site were presented as well as the role it played in the agriculture and its spread in Macedonia in the 6th millennium BC. The lecture was accompanied by a video-presentation and a discussion with the audience regarding the features and the potentials of this remarkably important Neolithic site in Macedonia.