About Us

The Center for Prehistoric Research (CPR) is an organization dedicated to study and presentation of all prehistoric periods found in Macedonia and in the wider region. Considering the rich cultural heritage from this period, CPR’s primary goal is to enable a thorough understanding of the life of the Prehistoric communities while applying numerous scientific methods. CPR’s members are archaeologists who study Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age from different aspects. Within their activities, archaeological sites are being studied and presented, as are the material culture, chronology and the geographical features of Prehistory, so they could be interpreted applying the current theoretical models. Apart from the research activities, CPR organizes scientific round tables, workshops and conferences that actualize the problems of prehistoric archaeology. Moreover, CPR publishes editions that present the latest acknowledgments regarding the cultural heritage in the Republic of Macedonia.

CPR cooperates with several domestic and international institutions and creates a platform for a future networking in projects that will thoroughly examine and present this period. Within these cooperations students and young professionals are being trained through inclusion in field research, lab analyses, expert publications and public scientific events. As a result of these activities, CPR significantly impacts the application of new scientific approaches and ethical norms in the Macedonian archaeology. Thus, by presenting the cultural heritage through research, scientific debates and publications, CPR has a direct influence over the popularization of Prehistory and the protection of sites and material culture originating from this period. CPR’s aim is to enhance the cooperation among experts and institutions that will strengthen the scientific ethics and the research methods applied in Prehistoric archaeology.