Bronze Age Hoards of South Bohemia

Archaeological Museum of Macedonia

We cordially invite you to attend the lecture on prehistoric cultural heritage from the Czech Republic held by Ondrej Chvojka and Jan John, archaeologists from the University of South Bohemia. They will present some of the most remarkable prehistoric artifacts from multiple Bronze Age sites. These hoards are most often composed of jewelry and weapons used by Bronze Age populations. The guests will discuss that not only these items were used as ornaments, i.e. weapons in battles, but they also indicated the status and the position of the person wearing/using them in Bronze Age societies of South Bohemia.
Organized by the Center for Prehistoric Research and the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia, the lecture will take place on Wednesday, 29th March 2017 at the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia at 01:00PM. Besides actively researching and presenting prehistoric cultural heritage from Macedonia, the Center for Prehistoric Research also aims at approaching prehistory of other European countries to the Macedonian audience. This event is just one of the many focused on the European prehistory in Macedonia, to be followed by others presenting the Macedonian prehistoric heritage in several countries.