Neolithic in Macedonia III

Archaeological Museum of Macedonia

The Center for Prehistoric Research in cooperation with the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia organise the third edition of the Neolithic in Macedonia conference. The event is scheduled for 13.12.2017 at the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia where approximately 20 papers will be presented by more than 30 participants from Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Macedonian and foreign archaeologists will elaborate the latest knowledge on the Neolithic cultural heritage in the Republic of Macedonia and will discuss scientific issues regarding numerous open questions within prehistoric archaeology.
The conference will summarize the latest research of Neolithic sites in Veles, Polog, Kumanovo and Pelagonia, including the results of the cabinet, field and theoretical studies. The recent methods implemented in the research of Neolithic settlements in Macedonia will be promoted as well, such as the spatial, geomagnetic, zooarchaeological and archaeobotanic analysis, the photogrammetric 3D modeling of artifacts, but also the current approach in the interpretation of architecture, vessels, tools and human representations in that period. A group of papers will particularly consider the site of Anarghiri in Greece that has similar features as prehistoric settlements in Pelagonia and Ohrid.
The conference will also host the promotion of the latest publications by the Center for Prehistoric Research i.e. the edited volume Neolithic in Macedonia: step forward in study of the first farming societies and the monograph Grnčarica: contribution to the Early Neolithic puzzle in the Balkans by Darko Stojanovski.
This conference is a result of a thorough collaboration between the Center for Prehistoric Research and the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia and it is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.