Researching the site of Velushka Tumba

Considering its stratigraphy, architecture and material culture, the site of Velushka Tumba is one of the most interesting Neolithic settlements in Pelagonia. Since 2017 until 2020, it was being jointly researched by the Center for Prehistoric Research, Institute and Museum Bitola, the University of Basel and BioSense Institute. New scientific approach was implemented during the research, with the aim to reconstruct the internal organization of the settlement and its environment, but also to get a more thorough insight into stratigraphy, chronology, architectural features, pottery, tools and cult objects production, but also the nourishment of the inhabitants of this impressive tell, rather than the standard information regarding the strata, buildings and artifacts alone. This tell was being developed during the Neolithic which resulted in an almost 4-meter tall stratum. Therefore, besides the usual archaeological methods, the research of this site encompassed geoarchaeological, archaeobotanical and radiocarbon analyses, as well as documenting all features with Harris matrix, which in turn, yielded a very meticulous insight into multiple spheres of the Neolithic life.

The research of this remarkable site demonstrated that it was an Early Neolithic village where a total of 12 levels of buildings, built one on top of another resulted in a stratigraphy of almost 4 meters. Those were dwellings with a linear disposition, surrounded by swamps, with wheat, barley, millet, lentils and peas being grown in the vicinity, but also with wild blackberries and hazelnuts. Vessels, figurines, models, altars and tools all refer to a masterful craftsmanship of the population, but also their complex symbolical ideas that remained unchanged during the entire existence of this Early Neolithic village. The analyses of organic remains and the material culture are still ongoing. Several articles have been published for the research of this site, which can be freely accessed on the following links:

Terensko istražuvanje na lokalitetot Veluška Tumba vo 2020 godina / A Fieldwork Season at Veluška Tumba Site in 2020

Multidisciplinarno istražuvanje na Veluška Tumba vo 2019 godina / Multidisciplinary Research on Veluška Tumba in 2019

Geomagnetno skeniranje na neolitski tumbi vo Centralna Pelagonija / Geomagnetic Scanning of Neolithic Tells in Central Pelagonia