Personal information:

Name and surename: Nevenka Atanasoska
Birth date: 24.05.1991
Address: Prohor Pcinski, 5, Prilep, R. Macedonia
Telephone number: +389(0)75357770

• In progress: Master studies of Arts, Prehistoric Archaeology, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University
• July 2014: Bachelor of Arts, Prehistoric archaeology, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University: “ Prehistoric tumulus burials in Pelagonia”

• 2010-2014 Bachelor studies of Arts in Archaeology, Ss. Cyeil and Methodius University

Archaeological excavations/ Reconnaissance:
• Early antique necropolis, Baba, Prilep, Republic of Macedonia, 2010
• Late antique castrum “Gradiste”, Debreste, Prilep, Republic of Macedonia, 2011
• Site “Bakarno Gumno” – reconnaissance 2011
• Prehistoric tumulus, “Slamite”, Veprcani, Prilep, Republic of Macedonia, 2012
• Early antique necropolises, Bonce, Prilep, Republic of Macedonia, 2012
• Prehistoric and early antique settlement/ city “Byilazora”, Sveti Nikole, Republic of Macedonia, 2013
• Prehistoric settlement( Late Neolithic and Early Eneolitic), site “Orlovica”, Rakotinci, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, 2013, 2014
• Prehistoric settlement “Trestena Stena”, Caniste, Prilep, Republic of Macedonia, 2013, 2014
• Neolithic tell, Mogila, Bitola, republic of Macedonia, 2014
• Prehistoric burial mound/ tumulus, Canniste, Prilep , Republic of Macedonia,2015
• Early antique necropolises, Bonce, Prilep, Republic of Macedonia,2015
• Neolithic pile dwelling, Serteya, Russia,2015

Projects, lectures and conferences:
• “Educational workshop for manufacture of mosaics”, project of ASA “Axios” – a collaboration with the Ministry of culture of Republic of Macedonia 2011
• Exhibition of mosaics form the project “Educational workshop for manufacture of mosaics” 2011
• “Educational workshop for stone tools and stone industry in prehistory”- project of HAEMUS- center for research and promotion of cultural heritage.
• Part of the organization of the “Balkan Prehistoric Conference’’, 2015

Employment (part time) and volunteering :
• Museum guide and educator ( October 2014-Juny 2015), Archaeological museum of Macedonia, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
• Volunteer (2013/14), Institute for Old Slavic culture- Prilep, Prepublic of Macedonia

• Member of the ASA “Axios” (Student Archaeology Association)
• Member and representative of the Department of Archaeology at the Student Union of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius “- Skopje – 2014